Best a 2011 awards in the region

With an artistic display honorees Magazine exalted Vallecaucanos Image of the Feb. 28 enjoyed a parade of artists who integrated classical and popular and tropical by opening the program with the child Juan Jose Ramirez who made an interpretation of saxophone with popular themes and classic, winning the applause of the public, and continues with the Municipal Philharmonic Band Guadalajara de Buga, paying homage to the Master Lucho Bermúdez in its 100-year birthday, presenting various topics of his own, led by master Martin Alonso Rojas, then continued intervention of Ruth Mezosoprano Marina Bookshelves (Luzma) who played the piano accompanied by Maestro José Luis Jiménez Montoya Sphinxes theme of Maestro Eduardo Salcedo Ospina, continuing the singer-songwriter who Blanca Aurora Herrera authorship interpreted Cane topics are accompanied EMMI Ballet Academy and to finish with the International Orchestra Los Niches who celebrated 25 years launching their new album and closing with a flourish the event.

Source: Marco Antonio Reyes
Photo: Mauricio Duarte